Our main objective is to create the finest tailor-made suits, in partnership with exclusive Italian and English fabric mills at affordable prices.

Why should a well fitted suit cost thousands? Why should your boss be the only one wearing a nice suit? We believe that personality is key for success, and providing the opportunity to men to express themselves through fashion is much needed in this day and age. Mensari is not just a brand, but you partner in building the wardrobe you dream of.

We are passionate about men’s fashion and in order to gain expertise in this field we have devoted significant time to understand how the industry works, how the best end products are made and which brands stand out.

After extensive travels and research we managed to locate and partner directly with the best European manufacturers and fabric mills.

This direct partnership allows us to shorten the supply chain and propose exclusive products at very competitive prices.

Our suits are a combination of the work of expert tailors, the highest quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques.

But it is the unique choices of our clients that make our suits truly amazing, because style is not just quality textiles or fitted clothing – it’s individuality.